Friday, 10 February 2012

It doesn't rain it pours....

Today I had to concede defeat to illness, thus putting me out of this weekends UK Senior Indoors and World Indoor Trials. I had desperately wanted to run at these championships for a few reasons. Firstly, two years ago I came 4th as an 18 year old, which is probably my career highlight to date. It was a great occasion and my old coach, Tony was so pleased, which was rewarding. Secondly, last year I went up to Sheffield, as I had booked a hotel and trains which were non-refundable, only to be unable to compete yet again because of illness. Finally, I’ve found myself in the best shape I’ve been in for a considerable amount of time. My 3.54 from last weekend may not sound ground breaking to many of you, but considering I only ran 3.51 when I was in 1.48 shape then I was quite excited about competing. Furthermore, Craig set me a horrible session on Tuesday, which led to the inability of walking and a serious case of dry heaving. Winrow smiled on sadistically. It all seemed to come together. However, on Wednesday night I could feel the onset of yet another cold. Probably due to the explicit change in temperature (it's been very cold) and the hammering the immune system takes every time you race. Indoor Cough, as ive titled it is also a nightmare. After pretty much every indoor race you get this horrible dry cough lasting from a few days to potentially weeks. Leading me onto my opinions regarding racing with a cold. I've tried it twice indoors, and its been ridiculously bad twice. As an u15 I ran with a cold over 800m, ran shockingly and was sick outside and couldn't stop spluttering all the way home. Years later I ran over 3000m as a 17 year old and failed to finish the race. I believe the only track race I’ve dropped out of. So, to attempt two high quality 800's at a senior national standard would be na├»ve and rather painful.

All this has led me to think a little about how fickle your health can be. I was thinking about how heartbreaking it would be if you got a cold during an Olympic games. You can't, not run, because it's often a once in a lifetime opportunity. Everyone around you will be expecting your best effort, which may be limited if you have a bout of aids. So, if the day ever comes where im near to going to a major championship, no one will see me for weeks. Ill be indoors avoiding everything. When leaving the house I will wear a facial mask to prevent foreign bodies entering my system. Then known my luck ill get injured instead.

I'd like to wish all of Craig's athletes who are competing at the World Indoor Trials the best of luck. finish off...If Tiesto was an indoor specialist he would be world class over 60m Hurdles.

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