Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blog Update

After a 2 month break from blogging I’ve decided to return, to give you readers an update on the boring occurrences of my life. So its mid April, two years ago I had just ran my 1500m pb and was in the shape of my life. A negative split 1.48.78 was coming in a few weeks time and my running was embarking on a future pathway to success. Now, 2 years on, I’ve managed one track session in approximately 4 weeks. For the second time in 12 months I’ve had my pelvis realigned by the physio at St Mary's. It's not completely known as to why this happens but I reckon it could be linked to my cycling accident in 2010. Smashing the road at 30 odd has gotta fuck your back up a little bit. This morning seems to be the start of another go at some quality training. Some steady 200's at a comfortable pace. Calves react badly and lactic comes soon. Seemingly awful however after a long hard week of working for the London Marathon it can only be expected.

Last week was an experience. Five days of printing t-shirts, dealing with customers, eating pasta and sandwiches and listening to the quality Essex lingo of Gavin lewis all produced a memorable week. From Wednesday night until Saturday a group of around 9 of us stopped in a “shitole” known as the St Paul's Youth Hostel. Cheeseman was quite pleased with the accommodation...I’d rather of camped in Bushy Park. This terrible living quality was put to and end on Saturday night when we were treated like gentleman in the Tower Hotel (4* if your wondering). Free bar and a more than mediocre curry was put on and you generally felt part of something special. Sunday's marathon had just under 37,000 runners who completed the gruelling 26.2 miles. I saw a small section of the 6-7hr finishers. Special mention should go to two st mary's athletes, Mary Edmonds and Neil Phillips, who both accounted for themselves very well on there debuts. After getting up at 3.20am and bruising my thumbs putting on nearly a miles worth of branding onto side walks, I returned to my bed and missed the majority of TV footage. Work in the early hours is like a cold, you feel like shit but you just get on with it. Gavin Lewis had perhaps the most absurd night. At 5.30am he asked me how we had gotten to our work site. Clearly intoxicated I explained that we had walked just around from the Tower.

So what’s been going on with me athletics wise? February was completely lost, along with the start of march, to a respiratory tract infection....AKA a hideous cold. Just couldn't shift it and it ended up taking 5 weeks to get rid of. Following this I managed to get a few weeks in but just didn’t feel right, my lower back was so stiff and my hamstrings were in pain. I went home for a couple of weeks at Easter and ran a decent session of 5 x 600. Following this I was just bucked. Tendons at the base and top of my hamstrings were in so much pain. After three visits to the physio im starting to feel OK again so will hopefully get back to some decent form soon enough.

Hope this returning to blogging isnt too crap but that's all I have to say for the time being. Hope you've enjoyed reading about my happenings. As always I’ll end with some nonsense. Tiesto once played a gig to 1 person in a field just south of Amsterdam, that person was wearing chino's and a sweater.


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